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'I just want a chance to work, to do the thing I am good at. I can help people if I am allowed to.'.

'I want to buy things for my children. Not big things, just things like clothes.'

'People say ‘Middle East refugees are bad, Ukraine are good.’ But we are not bad, and Ukrainians are not either.'

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Leman (l) and Nasrin (r).jpg
Mohammad Shuhada.JPG

Abdullahad Razeqi, Afghanistan. Katsikas

'The real problem is that it’s so cold. There is me, my daughter and my wife. My wife is pregnant, and it’s so cold.'

Bilal Shukri.jpg

Bilal Shukri, Iraq


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'We had to escape because we are Hazara, and the Taliban hates us. They threatened us, and it was no longer safe . I love my husband, I love my children. I didn’t want us to be killed.'

Homaida Hairi


'I came here just for my daughter. And I don’t want to go to prison because of her. She is always scared. She is always scared that people will kill me.'


Mahfodh Zerevan,


Leman and Nasrin, Iraq.


Mohammad Shuhada, Syria


'I protested against child rape, children being forced to wear hijabs in school, and the repeated violation of women’s rights. Because we campaigned and protested against it, I was sentenced to death by my country, so I ran.'

'My family did not leave Afghanistan because it was fun for them, or for a change. They had to leave because Afghanistan was not a safe place for them to live. They should not be being punished for that.'

Jamila Behnaz.JPG
Zainoullah Daudzai (R), Erfan Azini.JPG

Jamila Behnaz, Iran


Zainoullah Daudzai, Erfan Azini, Afghanistan

'I want what’s good for my daughter.That is what is important to me, that she can be happy and succeed.'

'In the meantime, I have nothing.
I cannot live inside the camp. I have to sleep on the streets. I can’t get anything.


Sayran and Sarya Turukenesab,

'We are in another country, but we really would like to have a home like Greek people and others have. Because we are human like them.'





Mzuri Sardar,


'I had a good life in Afghanistan but we had problems with Da’esh. My children were not safe, so we had to leave.'


Camila Eshar,


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